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SDA represents share drivers. We have no problem with paying our fair share of tax. We're advocating (among other things) for a new tax to be levied against all overseas share ride app providers that is equal to GST and will provide a level playing field for share drivers, taxi drivers, taxi companies and potential new Australian based share drive app providers.

We have a view to the bigger picture and the long term implications of this ruling and how it could potentially set a brave new world precedent for Australian contractors, the economy at large and the share economy/app based businesses.

The ATO's GST ruling closes off the market for any future potential Australian based Share ride app provider. They will simply never be able to compete with overseas based providers due to the tax loop hole benefits overseas app providers enjoy. These OS app providers under the current rules can just drop their prices and squeeze the competition out of the market. It's anti competitive. (We are advocating against these dramatic price drops too). Consequently we will see what were Australian based business once paying taxes here, forced overseas so that they can compete.....and guess who's left without rights if we let this happen?


That's right, Share Drivers.

It will be a net loss for the ATO as fewer and fewer businesses will be operating in Australia and therefore will be taxable if the ATO goes with this model.
It will be a net loss for the Australian worker as we kiss the workers/contractors rights we enjoy as Australians goodbye.
It will be a loss for Taxi Services who will not be able to compete with OS app providers
It will be a loss for share drivers who are vulnerable to OS app providers without the protection of the Australian Law and who are now being called upon to pay what we interpret as 20% of the tax bill of a Multinational with investors such as Goldman Sachs and Google.
It will be a net loss for the Australian economy as profits are stripped away by low/non tax paying OS app providers, and invested elsewhere in the world with no regard for local interests.

Governments around the world need to stand up to these predatory activities that are undermining their local economies. It has to start some where. Why not Australia? We believe in the 'Fair Go' after all.


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